This hack is named AutoPokeGo hack and is can be downloaded in the following link:,2.0.html

More about this Pokemon GO hack:

This Pokemon Go cheat is totally free to use!

This hack is not based on any code of Niantic this makes it nearly impossible to detect this hack.
Everything in this cheat has been randomized no pattern can be detected by Niantic.

-Catches Pokemon:
most Pokemon of Pokemon Go have been indexed into the hack, the hack will try to catch all Pokemon automatically for you.

-Opens and Spins PokeStops:
Opens and spins all PokeStops it might find all randomized.

Because it does not use any shady coding or hooks into Niantics API this bot is just shown on your screen like your playing the game yourself.
Using this bot cheat is completely legal.

-Direct user takeover.
If you want to takeover the game just hit the ESC button and the bot stops working.
Click the start button again and the bot continues like nothing ever happened.