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General / Changes to the forum.
« on: September 08, 2016, 06:21:59 AM »
Recaptcha added to the login to battle spam.

To stop spam users must have replied at least one time to another topic before starting a new topic.
Same for making an attachment to keep the server and forum clean from spam a user must reply to an others post at least one time to get access to uploading attachments.

Guides, tips and tricks / Trouble starting the bot? troubleshoot here.
« on: September 07, 2016, 10:44:27 AM »
-Check if you have the newest version of the bot here:,2.0.html

-Unpack the bot with winrar get winrar here:

-Get the newest Java here:

-Make sure you have set the screen resolution to 480.
In nox go to the settings --> Advanced --> Startup setting --> select 480 x 800 --> save changes --> restart

-Run the bot through run.bat if its saying:
* daemon not running. starting it now on port XXXX *
* daemon started successfully *
Do the following:
ctrl+shift+esc --> find the process called adb.exe --> stop this process --> restart nox --> start the bot again.

-Is the bot running too damn slow?
In nox go to the settings --> Advanced --> performance settings --> set to high or at least medium

Guides, tips and tricks / How to change your device ID
« on: August 15, 2016, 02:35:29 PM »
This guide is old you can now change your ID in the bot, however if you don't use the bot or want an alternative way this is the way:

Find here how to change your device id:

Having problems that the store opens or the bot comes into menus it should not be in:
-In the bot settings turn on the option Show debugging rectangles.
-after this resize your nox screen until the pink rectangle is above your character icon when its right deselect this debugging setting again.
-If its still not working restart the bot and it should be working now.

There are a few simple rules in botting hacking and cheating in every game.

since Pokemon Go is kind of new they do not have their systems in place yet. But this does not mean they are not logging your moves. It took them around a month to get their servers right and the servers are now running almost without down time. (it almost is if you are playing a game -_-). But whatever, the point is it does not mean that you are not banned yet because you where smart. Niantic just did not have the resources to ban you or do the calculations to see if you cheated boted or whatever you have been doing.

There are a few simple rules to stay under the radar of their banning system:
  Most people just run an API bot and think they are getting away with it. Big surprise: look at their code there is nothing randomized about it. in the short sprint its fun because these bots will get you excellent results but in the long run they are easy to detect and for sure you will get banned.

-Don't spoof teleport to all over the world.
 Again THINK: nobody can travel from Amsterdam to Beijing in an hour. If you really want your character to be on the other side of the world stay logged out for the time it will take to travel from your old position to the new one.

-Play the game.
 Well there is obviously a reason you are botting this game some people just don't understand you have a live. but sometimes you have to take over. Just play the game and enjoy. Go catch those pokemon! The reason you sometimes have to take over is just to be a bit more random. Even though AutoPokeGo is as random as possible its always good to put some human interaction into the game.

-And again THINK:
Don't let a bot do what you would not do!
Don't be logged in for 50 hours in a row.
Don't let it  stand on the same spot for 10 hours in a row.
Don't be stupid just be careful and cheat wisely!

Guides, tips and tricks / How the bot works and how to set it up.
« on: August 14, 2016, 01:13:59 PM »
Here a quick video on how the bot works and how to set it up right:

If you dont know how to correctly setup nox, please look at how to setup nox the right way here:,7.0.html

Here a youtube video on how to install and use pokemon go GPS spoofing with automatic pathing in pokemon go.

check here how to change your device ID:,17.0.html

Feature requests / Future features
« on: August 13, 2016, 07:09:15 AM »
Here a list of features that will be implanted sooner or later.

-Rarer Pokemon will be caught first.  -> done

-Work in the background -> done will be released in 0.5

-Pokemon transferring option after catching and or after poke-box full.

-Item certain item dropping function if bag full.

-Avoid gyms

-Walking without setting mock locations (found the way will be implanted when I have time)

Got more features you would like to see? Make a new thread about it or post below.

We do not mind our users posting other hacks, cheats, bots and modifications still there have to be some rules to keep things like they are supposed to be.

-If a developer site exists never put up a direct link to a file except if you have created it yourself. If a site exists please link to the site it self to help the developer maintain his project.

-Don't post copyrighted material that is cracked or modified against the rules from the original maker.

-Don't try to make money from others work. Its fine to put a link to something but don't lock it with passwords or anything remotely similar to these kind of money making methods.

-Trojans, Viruses, Malware are strictly forbidden. Check everything with an online virus scanner first and use your brain. If something is infected and you could have known even if you did not its your own fault = ip ban.

Bugs / Known bugs that are not going to be fixed [READ BEFORE POSTING]
« on: August 12, 2016, 08:43:32 PM »
There are a couple of bugs that will not be fixed soon or will not be fixed at all please read before posting bugs like these.

-Poke stops are not opened correctly but reopened afterwards:
  To keep CPU usage low there is chosen to keep this bug in, it can be solved but this will take up a lot from your computer.

-Ball throws not perfect:
 Humans don't throw their balls perfect to make it human like this is in the bot on purpose!

Releases / Information about AutoPokeGo
« on: August 12, 2016, 08:39:06 PM »
AutoPokeGo is a Pokemon Go cheat based on color and pattern detection.
It is not based on any of Niantics code or API, this makes it less detectable to use this cheat in the future.
Downsides on this technique is that it is way harder and more CPU consuming than actually using the hacked API of Niantic and it currently is only working with third a third party emulator called Nox player.
Upsides are what you see is what it does, it will not break with API updates and a user can take over the game at will.
AutoPokeGo is not meant to take over the whole gaming experience from the user, it is meant to help a user gain level and help a user catch those Pokemon that need to be found over and over again. It is meant to help and enhance the gaming experience and certain options are left out so users need to make sure the game stays up.
The fact about color based cheats is that they will never be perfect. This said we can get close to perfect and far from detectable.

AutoPokeGo has been coded in a way that helps a player to get further in the game without doing the same thing over and over again. The real "catch them all" thing still has to be done by the user him/her self.

Have fun!

Releases / AutoPokemonGo get it here.
« on: August 12, 2016, 08:25:45 PM »
Dear Guest or member,

AutoPokeGo is currently in Beta version 0.1 it has been tested but only at 5 different systems. This means that there probably will be bugs. Report bugs in the section for bug reports.

-Start nox-player first.
-Make sure your Nox homescreen is a bit clean put your apps in folders.
-Open nox settings --> advanced --> startup settings --> select 480 x 800 resulution.
-Restart nox.
-Start AutoPokeGo (the pokemon go bot).
-When you open for the first time click the option "Generate new Android ID"
-Click start.
-Stop bot by clicking start or pressing the ESC button.

-Catch Pokemon automatically.
-Find and open Poke Stops automatically.
-Screen size detection for image manipulation.
-Every move is made human like to prevent detection by Niantic.
-Stop or pause using ESC key.
-Debug option showing.
-Option to slower checking for slower computers.
-Option for making a new Android-ID. (anti ban)

Currently this Pokemon Go cheat only works in combination with NOX-Player look at the guides on how to use and install Nox-Player the right way.

Quick tip:
Use this bot in a city that has a lot of pokestops to refill your pokeballs. Because this bot is as human like as possible it does not do a perfect throw! Sometimes it will throw the balls in front, behind or next to the pokemon. This is done on purpose and will never be changed.

I am aware some anti Virus detect the bot as a trojan or malware. The file is totally clean so don't worry about this. BUT: if you dont trust it please dont use it! I'm not going to explain over and over again to everyone that if a lot of people or a big company reports something as a virus while its not it sometimes gets flagged as a virus. The things you can do to help is send the file to your antivirus company so they can analyse it.

Download AutoPokeGo the non API based Pokemon Go cheat here:
Version 0.51:;topic=2.0;attach=38

-Added run.bat to make it more easy to start the bot.

Version 0.5:;topic=2.0;attach=35

-No mouse hijack anymore the bot can be ran in the background.
-More anti-ban functionality with making a new Android-ID.
-The system now detects crashes.
-The bot randomly takes brakes and logs out your pokemon go game it will take a brake for a few seconds to a couple of minutes.
-Improved zooming screen.
-Improved detection.
-Uses less of your graphics card by using the 480p version of nox.
-No resolution bugs in screens anymore unless you are not using nox in 480p.
-Improved turning screen.

--> will use more from your computer but is way better.

Version 0.3:;topic=2.0;attach=34

-Fixed the bug that stops the bot after a while.
-Improved timings.

Version 0.28:;topic=2.0;attach=25

Better ball throwing.
Better distance to stop calculation. (now using circular detection instead of rectangular)
Hopefully fully removed main-screen detection error.
-> Ignored pause bug still in there will be fixed when i have time but has low priority right now since its not a troubling bug.

Version 0.26:;topic=2.0;attach=24

-Bug fix if it does not find you are already out of the Pokestop screen

Version 2.5:;topic=2.0;attach=23

Only available for members to prevent anticheat hippies from reporting this file as a virus to create false positives.
To download first login yes im sorry you need an account now.

-Improved catching method.
-Improved and fixed Nox detection.
-Improved PokeStop detection.
-More CPU load at the start (about 5 to 20 seconds of load) -> less CPU load while running (screen detection).
-Tweaked colors.

Verstion 0.20 BETA:

-Tries to find rarer pokemon first!
-Fixed pokestop bug.
-Fixed big screen bug.
-Fixed clicking in center bug(totally avoids character).
-Uses less of the computers resources while screen scanning.
-Fixed goes into store bug.
-Fixed goes into character information bug.
-Better screen detection.
-Hopefully got rid of false positives.

Version 0.13:

-Smaller detection box for pokestops
-GUI update for smaller detection boxes if needed to be even smaller.
-Fixed some other bugs.

Version 0.12:

Resolution bugfix should be stable now

Version 0.11:

freeze bugfix

Version 0.1:

Cheers the staff

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