How to use

AutoPokeGo is a pokemon go cheat that makes use of the Android emulator NOX player.
If you do not know how to use and install NOX please scroll down for the guides on how to use nox.

If you know how to use nox you can start using the Cheat just double click it and click start and you are set to go!
For more details go to the forum

AutoPokeGO 0.1 screenshot

AutoPokeGO 0.1 screenshot

In order to use AutoPokeGo you need to install NOX Player first NOX player can be downloaded at:
A great guide on how to play Pokemon Go can be found here:

They just miss a couple of steps that will make your gaming experience way better and your Pokemon Go account a lot safer.

this youtube video explains how to use nox the right way:

Here the edited foolproof guide on how to install and use NOX-Player.
Step 1. Download and insatall Nox App Player: Pokémon GO for PC version from here:

Step 2. Start up Nox App Player and wait a few seconds until it is fully loaded.

Step 3. Go to the web-browser in Nox and open the page like you would normally do when using your phone.
This will start downloading the apk pure application. Wait until this download process is complete.

Step 4. on top swipe down and you will see this:

Step 5. click and install APK pure.

Step 6. Open APK pure and search for Pokemon Go.

Step 7. Install download and install Pokemon Go this will take a couple of seconds to minutes to complete depending on your connection speed.

Step 8. Follow this guide on how to walk and navigate in nox:

Step 9. Open Pokemon Go like you would on your mobile phone.

Step 10. Login like you would on your mobile phone.

Step 11. ENJOY.

Making it more save and secure to play Pokemon Go on Nox:
if you have not installed Nox player yet please follow the guide above.

step 1. Open Nox.

step 2. go to the settings in Nox they can be found under this icon on the top right of nox:

step 3. Go to Advanced.

Step 4. Set under startup setting the setting to “Phone” instead of tablet.

Step 5. Go to Properties.

Step 6. Change the following according to the picture and makeup a phone number of 13 numbers long.

Step 7. Save changes and yous are done.